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Finuevo Digital is a pioneering digital banking software solution that offers a modern banking experience to both professionals and end-users across all digital channels. As a modern and mobile-first platform, Finuevo Digital can easily be deployed in the cloud, on-premises or as SaaS aiming at delivering the functionality and flexibility to meet the evolving market requirement of the modern banker and his/her customers.

Using the latest technology, the digital banking platform can easily streamline the processes and automate all related operations for an omnichannel banking experience.

Key Features


Seamless user journeys

Seamless user journeys, allowing your teams to focus on what is important to your business, while the platform performs the rest


Cross-platform support

Cross-platform support for all browsers and iOS/Android app


Cloud-ready architecture

Cloud-ready microservices architecture, ensures scalability, stability and portability between Cloud or on-premise deployments


Easy and secure authentication

Easy and secure authentication process via any device for payments, accounts management, transfers and more


API connections out of the box

Out-of-the-box integration with APIs, reduces the risks on upgradability and testability


Pre-integrated with Finuevo Core

Pre-integrated with Finuevo Core for complete Core Banking interconnection and end-to-end banking experience


3rd party integration

Integration with any 3rd party solution for seamless operations


Interdepartmental connectivity

Readily available connections with investment, risk and treasury platforms to streamline processes across departments


Fully customisable platform

Themeable platform and customisable widgets for end-users meeting the bank’s branding


  • Reduce time to market for new launches of banking products & services
  • Seamless integration with internal and external banking systems
  • Modern and intuitive design tailored to your brand
  • Built with the customer in mind
  • Go live faster with no risk
  • Access 24/7 from any device
  • Development ensures ease scalability

Why choose Finuevo Digital by Profile Software?

Moving to the new era of digital banking, Finuevo ensures you concentrate on delivering competitive services whilst offering a unique customer journey. Your team is able to deal with what is important for the customer using the features of the system to streamline and automate the process thus delivering a differentiated omnichannel banking experience to the end customer.

Offering the freedom to financial institutions to choose the functionality they really need, this Cloud-enabled and Mobile-first Digital Banking software platform aims at delivering the functionality and flexibility needed to effectively compete and accommodating the growing market trends.

Download the Finuevo Digital Brochure

Download the Finuevo Digital Brochure

Finuevo Digital is the Mobile-First, Cloud-Native Digital Banking Platform that helps banks and financial institutions of any size to achieve digital resilience, by offering rich functionality and automated client onboarding.

It is a pioneering Digital Banking software solution that offers an omnichannel banking experience to end-users across channels.

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