Capital Markets Solutions Remote Voting System

A pioneering voting system

Profile Vote is a pioneering voting system that fully supports remote voting according to SDR II and Covid-19 developing requirements.

In a forward-looking interface, the user experiences unique flexibility and freedom to select, monitor and view shareholders, proxy representatives, members and votes on one screen, thus selecting the options that best meet the business objectives with ease.

The voting is performed through an online portal offering instant voting results whilst users can experience enhanced automation which enables proxy voting or ‘bulk’ voting.

Key Features



Online view with a powerful dashboard to monitor voting and view the results instantly



Dynamic inclusion of topics for voting in real time


Open Architecture

Open architecture when designing the topics for discussion


Live view

Live view of the voting process and voting count


No restrictions

No restrictions in the type of questions asked (approve/ decline/ neutral) (Option 1, Option 2, etc.)



Secure voting process and recording


Voting management

Effective management of the letter voting as well as the intention to vote



Safeguarding confidentiality of voting as well as the reliability and transparency of the process


Collection of data

Automated data collection mechanism


  • An aggregated view of the voting process support to better management
  • Dynamic topics’ addition lead to better collective participation and adjustment in new topics that might arise during the General Meeting
  • The instant count of the votes offers the option to discuss other topics that may depend on the topics to vote
  • Immediate participants update
  • Moving towards CSR

Why choose Profile Vote by Profile Software?

It is worth noting that the Remote Voting System addresses the requirements of both listed and non-listed firms, unions and organisations that demand accuracy and reliability in their voting process.

Client Testimonial: According to the firm that used it, Profile Vote was evaluated amongst competitive systems as the most preferred because of its capabilities to instantly and effectively support their complex requirements


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