Robust Risk & Compliance platform

RiskAvert is the robust Risk & Compliance management platform that assists Financial Institutions to gather and reconcile data, calculate, aggregate and report regulatory credit, market, operational and concentration risk in a natively integrated, yet modular environment.

The platform covers all approaches for Operational, Market and Credit Risk Calculation allowing the Bank to evolve from a standardised approach towards the IRB approaches. The solution also supports XBRL validation and conversion functions for multiple taxonomies.

Its comprehensive cube-based MIS reporting engine fully supports Market disclosure requirements, while supervisory review is covered through a holistic stress-testing framework, as well as extensive concentration risk measures and reporting.

Key Features


Full coverage of regulatory frameworks

Full coverage of the EU-CRR/CRD Regulation and its future evolutions


Credit Risk

Credit Risk capital requirements calculations according to Standardised and IRB approaches


Capital requirement calculations

Capital requirement calculations for Securitization positions according to SEC-SA and SEC – IRBA Approaches



Parallel run of SA and Quasi IRB approaches in the context of ICAAP


Stress testing & budget projections

Capability to create, execute and compare various scenarios’ (stress testing, budget projections, etc.)


Concentration risk analysis

Perform concentration risk analysis based on key parameters (geographical concentration, products/portfolio concentration, collateral type concentration)


Consistent & Reliable Information Disclosures

Extraction of Pillar III related tables



Full coverage of Supervisory reporting Validation rules, covering multiple EU and local data taxonomies



Data errors checks and reporting


  • Proven Basel IV project implementation experience
  • Tested ETL tool, risk datamart and MIS reporting
  • Open architecture – customisable calculation and reporting engine
  • Regulatory reporting and compliance
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Single platform solution
  • Auditability and transparency
  • Cost-effective risk management experience

Why choose RiskAvert by Profile Software?

Proven market experience and successful project implementation ensure timely delivery and reliable performance of regulatory & compliance needs, deriving from international software and best practices.

RiskAvert combines the most comprehensive and flexible functionality with advanced technological and connectivity-enabling open architecture. Such a combination enables unprecedented power and flexibility to effectively meet the demanding and ever-evolving compliance needs of the banking sector.

Clients Testimonials

Bank of Epirus

"Profile Software’s solution shields the security of our operations and guarantees the compliance required with the mandates of the supervisory authorities. I would like to warmly thank Profile Software’s team for the exceptional cooperation during the execution of the project, looking forward to its expansion in order to meet our future needs."

Konstantinos Doulas Risk Management Director @ Epirus Bank
Download the RiskAvert Brochure

Download the RiskAvert Brochure

Profile’s Risk & Compliance platform, RiskAvert assists Financial Institutions to gather, validate, reconcile, calculate and ultimately generate regulatory and management reports for credit, market, operational and concentration risk in a natively integrated, yet modular environment.

It can be installed on premises or in the cloud and supports the full range of Standardised and Internal Rating, Based (IRB) approaches and allows parallel Operational, Market and Credit Risk Regulatory Capital Calculations.

Download Brochure

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