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Investment Management Solutions Insurance Investment Management

Insurance Investment Management

As the regulatory environment for Insurance firms is becoming highly demanding and more controlled, the appropriate management of invested assets is becoming paramount. Firms need to be able to closely monitor and analyse the invested assets, while selecting the right solution is critical to achieve performance and a properly risk-balanced portfolio.

The Insurance Investment Management Solution provides the rich functionality and the flexibility needed to professionally manage financial assets, generate investments’ accounting entries and meet regulatory requirements.

It has become the preferred choice in its category with advanced functionality to automate processes and comply with each company’s and country’s policies. It is the next level in investment management software that delivers all the needed capabilities for Insurance Companies to manage their assets.

Investment Management Solutions Family Office

Family Offices

The demanding financial landscape requires a fast and cost-effective approach, especially when it comes to high-net-worth families. The Investment Managers or Treasurers at a Single or Multi Family office need dynamic, sophisticated and tailored solutions to meet specific business needs that will reduce the time spent on tedious tasks while providing automation and flexibility to make better investment decisions.

The Family Office Solution provides investment officers with comprehensive functionality to professionally manage and monitor invested financial assets, either in-house or externally managed. Its specialised modules and rich parameterisation features enable the delivery of tailor-made solutions, covering specific business and reporting requirements related to the Investment Management operations of a family office.

The family Office Solution has been selected by numerous respective organisations world-wide because of its rich and specialised functionality to help them manage their assets and effectively meet the executives’ requirements to generate additional wealth with limited risk.

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Centevo Suite

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