Implementation Services

Profile Software delivers a set of Professional Services to its customers as a part of its turn-key solution proposition to completely cover their requirements, from inception to software training.

Project Management

Through the use of modern PM methodologies and tools, Profile delivers applications at the pace of business with comprehensive DevOps automation. The company recognises that each client is unique and each implementation has its own particular set of requirements. Profile Software’s team of specialised certified consultants provides project management services that ensure the desired implementation of projects of any scale and complexity.

Configuration & Customisation

Profile Software’s solutions have been designed and developed based on a robust product-oriented and easy to customise philosophy, while leveraging cloud for faster, more cost-effective implementation & deployment. This allows for easy configuration so as to serve various business segments and operational models. Easy configuration is achieved utilising the model bank concept where pre-configured solutions accelerate the delivery of the project.


Profile Software brings vast experience in managing and successfully implementing demanding and complex projects. The value delivered through our solutions
depends on the quality of implementation. Our top class consulting services ensure that the solution is delivered in a timely, cost-effective, and responsive manner. In-depth industry knowledge combined with proven methods and tools for software implementation significantly reduces project risk and secures highest return on investment.


Profile Software provides a variety of exceptional tailored training programs on any scale to ensure the swift and complete utilisation of its solutions. Our high-quality training services are available either based on standard seminar schedules or can be delivered ad hoc and successfully cover business, technical and end-user needs.

Post-implementation Services

We offer reliable professional services for an effective implementation in every project, for our international clientele.

Customer Support

Profile Software’s support model is structured to facilitate quick processing of user requests to expedite troubleshooting and deliver answers and solutions to clients’ needs within a particular Service-Level-Agreement scope. This model is based on a multi-levelled approach (helpdesk, remote support and on-site intervention) and offers a single point of contact, delivering exceptional customer experience.

Technical Support

Profile uses industry standard ticketing tools that enable capturing, management and monitoring of incoming communication, either for product support, change requests or enquiries. Requests for technical support can be submitted round-the-clock through the ticketing tool, or via e-mail streams and telephone sessions even on 24×7 basis depending on the SLA agreement.

Advisory and Managed Services

As a post-implementation service, our team of experienced consultants is able to advise business, IT or operational officers to leverage the output of Profile Software’s solutions, through business process optimisation workshops or deployment of product add-on features. The company also provides hosting services for its solutions and additional Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services or Business Process as a Service (BPaaS), to ensure delivery to the benefits of the client. As a certified cloud-enabled provider, Profile has implemented its solutions on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, etc cloud platforms.

Deployment Options

Profile Software offers various deployment options for its product portfolio, in order to transform CapEx towards OpEx and optimise TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) index.

In addition to the traditional ‘on-premises’ model, the following options are available:

In the Cloud: is flexible and secure. It is offered either off-site (on the public cloud) or as a private network (private cloud) depending on the business requirements.

Hosted Services: Leveraging the total cost of ownership (TCO) by introducing the IaaS and SaaS models, this type of service provides high availability, scalability and integrated security in the most cost-efficient way.

Profile Software is an ISO certified company, so all procedures related to customers’ data, are managed by a predefined strict security scheme. Depending on the client’s size and business service workload, flexible pricing models (e.g. pay-as-you-use and/or pay-as-you-grow) are available for both deployment options.

Moreover, Profile Software partners with well-established and local banking regulators compatible data centers which are located in geographical regions covered by its international operations.

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