Capital Markets Solutions Shareholders Management

Shareholders Management platform

RegiStar is the most efficient system to perform complete monitoring and management of shareholders registry.

The platform provides a user-friendly interface, fast data management, a plethora of tools and it is easy to adjust and customise according to any listed company’s requirements.

Key Features


RegiStar – core

Covers all regulatory obligations and requirements of listed companies such as updates, number of stocks possessed, dividends, and collaterals to the fullest


Auto Grouping and Alerts

Creates dynamic groups of investors by using complex criteria, set by the user. Additionally, a set of out-of-the-box alerts are provided automatically by the system, while new alert types can be configured according to different requirements per user role


General Meeting

Supports successfully shareholders’ general meeting


MIS Pricing

Combines shareholders transactions with historical data (open, close, high, low, etc,) and estimates the acquiring cost, the selling price and the profit/loss of every single investor and /or group of investors, separately


Dynamic IR Reporting

It auto-saves user preferences and offers dynamic Reporting through AI and Alerting based on specific parameters, such as the reception of a message regarding transactions for specific shareholders or shareholders who exceeded a percentage on shares or reduced it below a specific percentage



Outsourcing service is also available (including SaaS)


  • Easily adjusted to company’s requirements due to its modular architecture
  • User-friendly system
  • Specialised and experienced consultants can accommodate urgent needs as they arise
  • Fast and expert customer support
  • Facilitates selection from the reports available

Why choose RegiStar by Profile Software?

RegiStar is a modular Shareholders Management Platform. At the same time, every new installation is deployed according to the organisation’s specific requirements achieving the highest return on investment. This is why it is the top choice for many Listed Firms.

Download the Registar Brochure

Download the RegiStar Brochure

RegiStar is the most widely used application in the local market for the comprehensive monitoring of shareholders’ activity. The system processes and utilises, in the most effective and swift manner, a large amount of data from the depository, while it automates a number of processes to improve the communication with investors.

The Application structure allows for multi-company and multi-user management, supporting the management of shareholders registry in the most efficient and easy way.

Download Brochure

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