Artificial Intelligence

AI for financial institutions

Financial institutions today are overwhelmed by data, but extracting meaningful insights remains a challenge. Traditional methods are complex, time-consuming, and require specialised skills. This can lead to missed opportunities, inefficiencies, and a negative impact on customer experience.

Empower your financial institution to transform data into actionable insights, streamline workflows, and deliver exceptional customer experiences with Profile’s AI.Adaptive.

AI.Adaptive adopts an LLM-agnostic strategy enabling direct and flexible interaction with Profile’s Axia Suite, Finuevo Suite,, Centevo Suite, RiskAvert, and RegiStar platforms and delivers fintech innovation by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge AI with your existing financial technology infrastructure.

It empowers your team to:

Key Features


Effortless Data Exploration

Ask questions in plain English and receive tailored reports and insights, eliminating the need for complex queries and predefined reports


Automated Workflows

Streamline operations by automating repetitive tasks, freeing up resources for strategic initiatives and business growth


Fraud Detection & Prevention

Continuously analyse vast amounts of data to identify and prevent fraud attempts in real-time, protecting your valuable assets


Enhanced Risk Management

Gain a deeper understanding of risk factors with advanced analytics, enabling well-informed decisions that minimise financial risks


Security and Privacy

Maintain the highest security standards with robust data encryption, access controls, and user authentication protocols. AI.Adaptive ensures your data remains protected while complying with industry regulations


Flexibility and Scalability

AI.Adaptive adapts to your evolving needs. Our solution scales seamlessly to accommodate growing data volumes and integrates effortlessly with your existing infrastructure


  • Explore important data with ease
  • Streamline and automate workflows
  • Prevent fraud and manage risk efficiently
  • Make informed decisions backed with the relevant data
  • Comply with the latest regulations
  • Scale with your needs

Why choose the AI.Adaptive by Profile Software?

Tailored Support and Training: Maximise the potential of AI.Adaptive with dedicated support and training programs. 

Continuous Innovation: Stay ahead of the curve with regular updates featuring the latest advancements in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. 

Versatile Application: Works as a standalone solution or integrates with other platforms for a user-friendly experience. 

Harmonious Integration: Seamlessly integrates with Profile’s Fintech platforms (Axia Suite, Finuevo Suite,, Centevo Suite, RiskAvert, RegiStar) or functions as a standalone solution with various BI/DW subsystems.

AI.Adaptive empowers your financial institution to unlock the power of data and achieve smarter decision-making, streamlined operations, and exceptional customer experiences.

AI.Adaptive Brochure

Download the AI.Adaptive Brochure

Profile’s AI.Adaptive solution addresses the modern challenges of Financial Institutions by adopting an LLM-agnostic approach, enabling seamless integration with own or 3rd party platforms.

It empowers users to effortlessly explore data, automate workflows, prevent fraud, make informed decisions, and ensure security while scaling with evolving needs.

Offering tailored support, continuous innovation, and versatile application, the solution enables smarter decision-making, streamlined operations, and exceptional customer experiences, revolutionising the landscape of AI and fintech innovation.

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