Profile Software launches its new “AI.Adaptive” solution, which simplifies user interaction into natural language with databases and applications, enhancing operational efficiency by integrating Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) artificial intelligence technologies.

Profile, a leading international financial solutions provider, announces the launch of its pioneering AI.Adaptive solution and incorporates the cutting-edge technology introduced by Artificial Intelligence, revolutionising the digital landscape.  The solution, enhanced by the capabilities of OpenAI, adopts an LLM-agnostic strategy, enabling the direct and flexible interaction with Profile’s Axia Suite, Finuevo Suite, Acumen.plus, Centevo Suite, RiskAvert and RegiStar platforms.

AI.Adaptive has been designed to enable users to pose ad hoc queries to application databases, in natural language, both written and spoken. This is accomplished through the development of advanced natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) algorithms, leveraging the adaptability of the LLM-agnostic platform to enhance its capabilities.

The solution provides users with the capability to rapidly obtain personalised, reliable information without using predefined reports, in order to make fast decisions, maximising efficiency across the operations of their organisation.

AI.Adaptive integrates seamlessly into Profile’s Fintech platforms, but has the capability to operate autonomously, with various Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing (BI/DW) subsystems of another origin. With an innovative approach, the solution is independent of the specific LLM language model used, offering an LLM-agnostic platform that guarantees flexibility and compatibility with various AI engines.

Mr. Evangelos Angelides, Chief Executive Officer at Profile says that “We have been committed to continuously enhance the user experience by leveraging cutting-edge technologies. In this context, we are making significant investments, enriching our portfolio with AI.Adaptive, which marks a significant advancement in user-centric design, accessibility, as well as flexible and personalised information, aiming in immediate decision-making and overall productivity enhancements.”

He also stated that “Today, AI.Adaptive is fully functional with the Axia Suite platform and we are moving forward quickly with the rest of the company’s platforms, whilst more functionalities of this technology will soon be announced in areas such as data analysis, consulting, etc.”

Profile remains committed to its vision of providing innovative solutions based on cutting-edge technology that enable financial institutions to navigate complex financial ecosystems with confidence and agility.


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Founded in 1990, Profile is a specialised software solutions provider with offices in key financial centres and a presence in 48 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Americas and Africa, delivering market-proven solutions to the Investment Management and Banking industries. Profile is recognised as an established and trusted partner by international industry specific advisory firms. Profile’s solutions enable organisations to align their business and IT strategies, whilst providing the necessary business agility to proactively respond to the ever-changing market conditions.

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