Profile Software, the international financial solutions provider, announced the enrichment of Finuevo Digital, the pioneering mobile-first platform for digital banking in-a-box with new advanced inbuilt onboarding functionality to alleviate the customer journey as well as more secure and easy-to-use transaction processes.

In particular, the user is guided through a wizard to provide the necessary information in a methodical way, during onboarding, which eliminates drop-outs and automates the processes to the extent needed. The customer journey is designed to support easy and fast customisation.

Digital Onboarding can be initiated either from an external source, such as an advertisement on social media or ad-hoc from the app/website. For the former, the system is designed to show a browser-based landing page where the user can easily find his/her way around. Once ready to proceed, the user is prompted to enter basic information thus avoiding overflow of questions and info requests. Digital marketing best practices have been deployed to make the journey pleasant for the user so that he/she best enjoys the browsing experience and completes the needed data with ease.

Similar practices are applied when the user onboards from an app or website. A list of the available banking services and products is displayed to select the desired ones and then the same process as above is followed. Information is stored so that the user can complete the process at a later stage from any digital channel (Internet or Mobile Banking). The system asks for biometrics or a PIN for secure connection. Depending on the product selected, a customisable questionnaire is presented to complete in line to international regulations and internal processes.

Finuevo Digital is a truly pioneering digital banking platform with numerous capabilities that are constantly being enhanced to deliver the ultimate user journey and unique experience.