Profile Software, the international financial solutions provider, announced today the operational use of the omni-channel digital banking platform integration project at Optima bank (ex-Investment Bank of Greece). Optima bank was launched on July 31, 2019, following the acquisition of Investment Bank of Greece from IREON INVESTMENTS a fully subsidiary of “MOTOR OIL” Group. The platform went live under strict deadlines as per bank’s requirements with great success.

By heading this implementation project and offering a single access environment, based on Wso2 platform, Profile’s new “integration layer” services connect the Digital Banking platform by Netinfo, to the bank’s existing Core Banking System as well as to other systems of the bank.

Capitalising on 30 years of experience in the financial services domain, delivering similar projects in Greece, the UK, France, etc, Profile provides integrator services to the bank, following a vendor assessment, to deliver a new digital platform which offers flexibility, speed and security to the bank’s customers, offering a new platform with modern design and innovative technical characteristics.

In particular, the solution offers convergence to a centralised architecture to leverage the bank’s existing assets, data and APIs, and create a common environment that enables security, scalability, governance and traceability. This approach was selected to greatly benefit the bank since it delivers an integration project in the most comprehensive manner much faster and at low risk. In addition, the platform improves efficiency and reduces implementation costs across departments. The delivery approach ensures integration agility, by following best practices. The platform is customisable and delivers the needed flexibility to the end-user to adjust the dashboard to his/her own preferences.

Moreover, Profile led the execution of the overall “Digital Banking Platform” project by offering its Project Management Services for the successful planning, co-ordination among the different Vendors and the Digital Banking solution implementation according to the bank’s requirements. The project is of strategic importance to Profile for the region as it aims to leverage its experience in the international marketplace to empower a growing Hellenic Digital Bank with cutting edge technology, to successfully meet the market needs for digital transformation.  It is worth mentioning that Optima bank invests heavily in modern technologies and fintech services so as to offer the best possible user experience.