Profile Software, a leading financial solutions provider, has announced today that UBCI (Union Bancaire pour le Commerce et I’Industrie) has selected Acumen.plus, the internationally implemented Treasury Management solution, to effectively cover the entire spectrum of treasury and streamline their operations in the most efficient way. The solution, which offers full compliance with the constantly changing regulatory framework and a high degree of automation, is under implementation at the headquarters of the bank in Tunis, Tunisia.

UBCI has a network of 103 branches operating in the very heart of Tunisia’s main economic centres. It offers a wide range of products and services, covering the unique needs of its clients in terms of day-to-day banking, project financing, investment banking, bancassurance and wealth management. The bank has been growing rapidly during the last decade and demonstrated the need for a single Treasury Management solution to cover the actual and evolving set of the industry’s broad requirements.

Acumen.plus offers a turn-key solution to UBCI to cover its domestic and international end-to-end Treasury operations. The system’s open architecture with consistent and configurable workflows and the utilisation of the latest technologies shall empower the financial institution’s growth, ensuring high performance, high degree of expandability and scalability as well as seamless integration. Moreover, the customised processes and automation shall reduce manual errors by streamlining the full life cycles, increasing productivity and reducing implementation time and resources spent. This shall allow UBCI to concentrate on value-added activities and increase profitability through a cost-effective approach.

Mrs. Pascale Hertzog, Treasury Management Director of Profile Software says that “we are delighted to collaborate with UBCI, an innovative financial institution that has promptly recognised the need towards digital transformation. Technology is considered the cornerstone of the Treasury Department’s operation and of decision-making, worldwide. Fully aligned with this mentality, UBCI has selected Acumen.plus Treasury Management solution to address the challenges of the modern era and stand out from the crowd by satisfying its clients’ unique needs.”

Mr. Mohamed Koubaa, CEO of UBCI mentions that “UBCI remains fully committed to increasing customer satisfaction by focusing on delivering unmatched customer experience along the entire journey. Profile Software’s solution, regarding our Treasury operations, will help us foster technological innovation, reflected in the development of new products and services, and enable us to leave our corporate footprint in the daily lives of our stakeholders.”

Profile Software remains committed to its vision of providing innovative solutions that enable financial institutions and corporates across the globe to deliver their full potential to their clients.