Profile Software, a leading financial solutions provider, has announced today that the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) has selected Acumen.plus, the internationally implemented Treasury Management System, to effectively manage and streamline their operations whilst experiencing compliance and powerful reporting for reserve and debt management. The platform will be implemented at the Cairo Head office.

The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) in Cairo has a total of 4 branches located in 3 cities. As the largest public financial institution, CBE serves the country by maintaining price stability. Having demanding compliance, and reporting requirements, increasing volume of trades and data and extensive universe of instruments, the Risk and Treasury Management System is of paramount importance to CBE, thus the search has been extensive.

Following an international vendor assessment, Acumen.plus aims at providing a cross asset fully integrated and preconfigured Treasury solution to the Central Bank of Egypt. CBE has been looking for a single platform and central repository with configurable workflows that allow for seamless and enhanced straight-through processing (STP). It has been evident the need to have a flexible, configurable, and dependable settlement processing and accounting engine as well as real-time mechanisms in all areas including APIs with market data providers.

In addition, CBE has had the need for a tailor-made Front-to-Back solution, that is, for integrated end-to-end treasury operations including trading, liquidity funding, reporting and hedging, foreign exchange and interest rate risk monitoring.

Acumen.plus supports all operations linked to CBE management of investment portfolio, foreign reserves and various policy-driven asset programs.

Additionally, by moving to one integrated platform, and optimizing workflows, CBE will significantly reduce cost and complexity thus benefiting from a secured scalable technology. Embracing modern technology, CBE will run their activities with agility, covering in an optimal manner their current and future Treasury requirements.

Acumen.plus has been designed to cover all needs of the modern Treasurer whether in a Central or a Commercial Bank and is enhanced on a regular basis.