Profile Software, an international financial solution provider, announced today the major upgrade of Login Acumennet, the comprehensive Treasury platform, delivering an API-led approach, OS and infrastructure-independent environment that fully supports and promotes agility across operations.

In particular, Acumennet has been redesigned to fully accommodate scalability, modularity, composability and governance. This supports lower cost through cloud-agnostic and cloud-native environment to better control the business. Apart from enjoying a more advanced dashboard to perform their operations in real-time, Treasurers, now, also save time by having an enhanced user experience.

By using the appropriate interfaces and connections, available in the platform, new components and other systems can easily get connected and add value to the overall performance, seamlessly, whilst organisational policies can be applied with ease. The benefits of advanced security architecture safeguard organisations to better protect from modern digital threats deploying the highest levels of security. The costs are reduced and shorten software release cycles take place through DevOps adoption.

Capitalising on international project implementations of digital financial systems, Profile has redesigned Acumennet architecture to deliver a forward-looking structure that would easily address emerging challenges ensuring flexibility and cost efficiency at all levels.