In line with to the regular Investors Update and according to articles 4.1.2 (par. 1 case b) and of the Athens Stock Exchange Regulation, being in force (hereinafter “Regulation”), “PROFILE SYSTEMS & SOFTWARE SA” (hereinafter “Company”) announces key dates of the financial calendar for 2023:

• Date of announcement and publication of the Annual Financial Statements of Fiscal Year 2022 (1.1.2022-31.12.2022), prepared in accordance with IAS / IFRS standards: Tuesday 11 April 2023

• Annual briefing to analysts, fund managers and investment community at the Greek Institutional Investors Association, Friday 5 May 2023.

• Date of the Annual Ordinary General Shareholders Meeting: Tuesday 16 May 2023.

• Year 2022 ex-dividend date is set for Monday 3 July 2023.

• Year 2022 dividend Record date (Company shareholders registered in the electronic files of the Dematerialized Securities System (S.A.T)) is set for Tuesday 4 July 2023.

• Year 2022 dividend payment date is set for Monday 10 July 2023.
Detailed information will be provided by the company with an announcement at a later date.

The Company reserves the right to change the above information, provided that it informs the investor’s community in a timely manner by amending this, in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation.