21.07.2021 Webinars

Webinar | How well prepared are banks for the next crisis?

21 July 2021 @ 11am UK time
45 min

The recent pandemic has had a huge impact on the world in which we live, disrupting many of the day-to-day things we have always taken for granted at many levels of life and business. No industry, banking included, has escaped. As we gradually return to some level of normality, this panel will attempt to identify common characteristics between unrelated and seemingly different crisis periods and discuss possible common denominators that could make banks more confident for future challenges.

In this live webinar, our panellists will discuss what the banking industry has learned from the pandemic and how they are set for the next crisis. More specifically, the panel will elaborate on the impact of different crises on the banking industry, how banks responded and what lessons have been learned to deal with these and other issues in the future.



Key Discussion Topics

  • Industry impact: how is the industry impacted by the past crises?
  • Challenges: what is the market response to the new “normal”. What are the lessons learned and what are the opportunities risen from this?
  • Successes: How do banks or financial institutions rise above and what is the role of technology? What else is to be considered?

What the future holds

  • How can banks exploit the lessons learned
  • …and be more confident for the next challenges?


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