18.02.2021 Webinars

Webinar | Driving liquidity with supply chain finance

18th February 2021 | 3pm CET

Supply chain finance (SCF) has come to the fore in recent months as a key facilitator in helping accelerate cash flow; providing funding to customers or enabling buyer – supplier financing via discounted or early payment allows customers to continue operating under difficult market conditions while promoting improved customer experience and loyalty.

Amid today’s economic turbulence caused by the pandemic, Brexit and ongoing trade wars, many companies are struggling to maintain liquidity and optimise working capital. As a result, it has never been more critical for banks to understand their customer needs and help them weather the storm.

Join the webinar on 18th February at 3pm CET with Surecomp and Profile Software partnering to discuss supply chain finance; find out how using an automated SCF solution may be the method of choice for many banks at the moment looking to drive their own liquidity while optimising that of their customers and maintaining competitive advantage.

Learn about:
– The challenges banks face today with customer engagement in a competitive world
– The value of SCF
– How technology can help add greater value


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