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Key Features

  • A rich set of dashboard widgets for both the RM / FA and the client
  • Portfolio monitoring and drill-down capabilities: holdings, performance, transactions
  • Full portfolio analytics and comparisons to model portfolios
  • Various advisory tools that facilitate RM / FA engagement with clients
  • Online trading and complete order management capability
  • Clients’ document distribution
  • Online and offline notifications and alerts
  • Vendor-independent; Third-party integration
  • Intuitive and elegant user interface
  • White-labelled to promote the organisations’ specific brands and services to clients
  • Compliant with the highest web and mobile application security standards
  • Full use of mobile device capabilities such as geofencing, lock-on-shake and more


  • Enhanced client experience across all channels
  • Secured access to meet specific market needs
  • Improved productivity and client-facing time
  • Minimum implementation effort
  • Reduced cost of providing mobile services
  • Improved client service by allowing both RMs / FAs and clients to access information
  • Targets and satisfies requirements of the new Generation client segment

Why Mobius Wealth?

Ready-to-use : Integrates with your existing Wealth Management system

White-labelled: Brand it as your own and tailor your offering

Flexible pricing: Minimum effort in implementation and financial resources

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