Profile Software, the leading financial solutions provider, sponsors (network partner) the 6th Digital Integration in Wealth Management Conference taking place on 29th – 30th March 2022 in Park Plaza Victoria, in London, UK. The conference will bring together experts from top wealth management and private banks across the UK and Europe.

At the event, high-level discussions will take place on the growing need for the Wealth Management sector to better understand how to create a personalised offering for their clientele segments and to clarify where to strike the balance between a digital and fiscal offering. With the expertise delivered by senior guest speakers, attendees can expect to discover the strategies, tools, and processes powered by innovation and client-centric values to meet cross-generational needs and thrive in a digital age.

At the conference, Profile’s executives will be discussing how Axia Suite its innovative and award-winning platform for the Wealth Management industry actively contributes to the digital transformation of investment management firms, accommodating Wealth, Asset and Fund Management, Personal/Private Banking, Robo-Advisory and Custody with cloud/web-based, omni-channel capabilities so as to deliver a competitive user experience in an automated and, compliant operational environment.

The event will also give the opportunity for Profile to elaborate on its newly launched digital banking in-a-box solution Finuevo Digital, the mobile-first, cloud-native, platform that empowers financial institutions of any size to achieve digital transformation end-to-end. Finuevo Digital, along with Finuevo Core, the next generation banking platform, being the evolution of the internationally implemented core banking platform FMS.next, are part of the new Finuevo suite, Profile’s new cloud-native smart banking platform.

The company also delivers solutions dedicated to the banking industry and continuously evolves its platform to meet the growing and rapidly changing market needs

To register your interest for the event, please click the link here.