Profile Software announces a major upgrade in Axia Suite for Mutual Fund and Asset Management Companies, offering a fully integrated and omni-channel customer experience with seamless service.

Athens, 10 November 2022: Profile Software, a leading financial solutions provider, has announced today a major upgrade in Axia Suite, the award-winning investment management platform that comprehensively supports the full range of Asset and Fund Management operations on a single platform 

Axia Suite, the integrated cloud-based and omni-channel investment platform has significantly enhanced its combined Asset and Fund Management Solution with front-to-back office functionalities that fully cover the needs of investment firms, managing and administering their own mutual funds (fund portfolio asset management, fund fees and Net Assets Value calculations, unitholders management, fund accounting entries). The aforementioned companies may also act as transfer agents for third-party mutual funds or have their own distribution networks, or collaborate with individual agents, while at the same time offer a variety of asset management services to their private or institutional clients (Discretionary Portfolio Management, Advisory and/or Execution Only Services).

In addition, the Axia Asset and Fund Management Solution supports a wide range of instrument types, and includes an advanced client portal with digital client onboarding capabilities, as well as a distributor agent portal. The functionalities for the internal users cover the needs of relationship managers, advisors, asset managers, traders, fund administrators, compliance managers, back-office users, and client relationship and client support personnel.

The Axia Suite’s flexibility enables organisations to become more resilient and responsive by adapting immediately to changes whilst offering their services in the most streamlined manner. Moreover, the enhanced version of the solution allows for better and improved data management of large volumes, better execution of daily tasks, and automated generation of multiple reports, saving substantial time and resources.

Profile Software has been continuously investing in the enhancement of Axia Suite, as well as in its full product range, to deliver the ideal platform that offers business agility, increased automation of processes, improved User Experience (UX) as well as operational and cost synergies to its existing and future users. At the same time, by anticipating market trends, it incorporates advanced functionalities and features.

Mr. Nikos Zorbas, Products Transformation Director of Profile Software says that “the upgraded Axia Suite contributes significantly towards a more unified IT applications landscape based on a single platform. Through its cutting-edge technology, the omnichannel platform enables Mutual Fund and Asset Managers to rethink and optimise their internal processes by unifying, simplifying and automating them. They can also avoid dealing with many different solutions vendors and not fully integrated systems, take advantage of cost and operational synergies, focus on their core business, and be able to enhance internal users’, clients’ and agents’ experience while increasing their engagement”.


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