Profile Centevo, a leading Asset and Fund Management software provider in the Nordics and member of Profile Group, has announced that it has joined the esteemed SWIFT community via Amazon Web Services (AWS), marking a significant financial and technological milestone and solidifying its position in the market.

Profile Centevo has developed an innovative service module that facilitates transmission of messages for securities on the SWIFT network and is seamlessly integrated with the existing comprehensive asset and fund management services. The new services are incorporated into Profile’s cutting-edge AWS Cloud service setup and form part of the wider range of cloud-based services offered by the company. The solution targets Banks, Payment Institutions, Neobanks, Digital Banks as well as any other Financial Institution that uses SWIFT.

Mr. Jan Wahlström, Managing Director at Profile Centevo (Sweden) says that “we are delighted to announce that Profile Centevo has gone live on SWIFT with ISO 20022 securities messages now with its own BIC. By harnessing the power of cloud technology, we ensure scalability, flexibility, and enhanced security by offering an unmatched experience to our clients”.

Dr. Apostolos Kritikopoulos, Group Technical Director at Profile Group says that “we recognise the importance of staying ahead in the dynamic financial landscape, and thus, we remain committed to delivering advanced solutions by offering an edge to our clients to streamline their operations, boost efficiency and fuel growth”.

Profile Centevo supports the growth of the financial institutions by providing innovative solutions that transform the asset and fund management experience and maximise overall client performance.


 About Profile Centevo

Profile Centevo, a member of Profile, is a leading provider of asset and fund management solutions in the Nordics. Offering independent, cloud-based, fully integrated investment management solutions, Profile Centevo helps Asset Management companies as well as Fund Managers and Banks in the Nordics to accomplish their business goals, bringing technological innovation and ground-breaking solutions.

About Profile

Founded in 1990, Profile is a specialised software solutions provider with offices in key financial centres and a presence in 48 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Americas and Africa, delivering market-proven solutions to the Investment Management and Banking industries. Profile is recognised as an established and trusted partner by international industry specific advisory firms. Profile’s solutions enable organisations to align their business and IT strategies, whilst providing the necessary business agility to proactively respond to the ever-changing market conditions.

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