Profile Software, an international financial solutions provider, announced today the launch of its pioneering solution Acumen.plus Loan Portfolio Management for corporates. It offers a unique support to corporates including shipping firms and family offices with powerful loan management functionality as well as risk management in specific areas whilst having an extensive range of functions across financial instruments.

In particular, Acumen.plus loan portfolio is the ideal tool to help firms achieve standardisation of workflow, flexible curve management, various calculation methods including client loans based on RFR (Risk-Free Rates) and indices. The system covers a variety of financial instruments such as all types of Fixed or Floating Loan Agreements, Loans with Multiple Tranches (per vessel), Syndicated Loans with Multiple Tranches, Interest Rate and Currency Swaps for hedging, Leasing Agreements, customised schedules, partial/early Prepayments, simulations, real-time valuations, daily accruals, and a wide range of other functionalities.

Furthermore, an out-of-the-box reporting module is available in the system that covers all reporting requirements including periodic payments, future projections cumulatively or per product/facility.

Acumen.plus has an RFR instruments module, to support its clients moving away from (LIBOR) and other IBORs thus deploying Risk-Free Rates. This deployment ensures compliance and easy adoption to any change regarding Libor decommissioning, as well as set up of the new instruments based on RFR rates.

The solution accommodates simple and quick setup of the new instruments based on RFR rates and all requirements are easily integrated in the existing architecture, making a must have tool for any type of corporates thus being up and running in no time whilst enjoying a compliance-ready platform to monitor all loans. It includes the mechanism to support backward looking instruments, whether compounding or averaging, with or without a spread, as well as the management of specific fixing and payment lag. Due to its architecture and available functionality, the platform can comprehensively respond to the market requirements whether going for fixed at the beginning term rates or fixed in arrears daily rates.

In addition, seamless real-time integration with Market Data Vendors and Dealing platforms allows robust and flexible valuations and monitoring.

Acumen.plus is constantly being enriched to deliver advanced user experience with holistic dashboards, for all types of instruments with data and analytics.