MoneyMasters Limited has gone live with Axia Suite, the omni-channel investment management platform of Profile Software that is rapidly increasing its footprint across the Caribbean, to advance its wealth management operations.

Profile, a leading financial solutions provider, has announced today that MoneyMasters Limited has gone live with Axia Suite platform to enhance its wealth management operations. The platform has enabled the financial institution to streamline its processes and optimise operational efficiencies in order to successfully achieve its digital growth and territorial expansion across the Caribbean.

MoneyMasters Limited, the rapidly growing Jamaican asset management firm, is a financial institution which was formed in Jamaica in 2007 and whose primary goals involve the provision of project financing, quality investment, discretionary and advisory wealth management services for private clients as well as the management and marketing of their own funds.

Profile has replaced the financial institution’s existing internally developed tools and manual paper-based processes to provide an end-to-end digital experience to its clients. Moreover, client onboarding and fund subscriptions/redemptions have been automated through Axia Suite client portal.

Axia Suite, the flagship investment management platform of Profile, enables fund managers and back officers to benefit from all the respective functionality the solution has to offer through a single, fully integrated platform. MoneyMasters Limited benefits from the accommodation of any fund type, a full set of digital financial reports as well as from online reporting for internal users, investors and/or pensioners and customisable factsheets, which result in error minimisation and greater productivity, thus, unlocking and adding significant client value.

Mrs Claudette Crooks, President & Director at MoneyMasters Limited points out that “we are excited to partner with Profile, a company that, from the very beginning of our discussions, engaged with our primary focus to incorporate technology throughout our processes in order to scale and optimise our operational efficiencies and boost client engagement. We feel confident that this collaboration shall add value to our client portfolio and enrich their interaction and experience with MoneyMasters Limited.”

Mr. Evangelos Angelides, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Profile says that “we are honoured to be embarking on this journey with MoneyMasters Limited, which has recognised the need to use technologically advanced solutions as a means of modernising operations. Profile is committed to contributing towards that direction by offering maximum personalisation and adaptability to the unique needs of MoneyMasters Limited based on international standards of quality and excellence”.

Axia Suite investment management platform is becoming the preferred choice for financial institutions across the globe. Its continuous evolution and rich functionality offer a unique experience, delivering unrivalled client value.


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