Profile Software, an international financial software provider, announced today the launch of its new Digital Banking mobile-first platform, Finuevo. The digital banking platform offers a modern banking experience to end-users across channels addressing the needs of Banks, FinTech firms, Financial Organisations and EMIs. Finuevo is also a modern tool that supports interaction between Governmental organisations of financial background and citizens. The platform can easily be deployed in the cloud, on-premise or as SaaS aiming at delivering the functionality and flexibility to meet the evolving market requirements.

Finuevo has been developed to address the need for true digital transformation for all types of banking organisations and their customers that want to be up and running having a modern digital banking experience. Among its characteristics the platform supports fast time to market, multi-layer security, fully automated CI/CD, easy-to-use API connections, self-service onboarding and personalisation of services.

The cloud-based functionality offers secure and continuous access, with easy authentication via any device for payments, transfers and more. Rich information is available on one screen and organisations can drive sales through any channel without experiencing scalability issues.

Finuevo offers ease of use and transparency across transactions in an intuitive interface for unique end customer experience. It offers complete flexibility to organisations and end-users to select widgets that match his/her style and deliver a personalised approach. For the organisation the use of themes creates a powerful branding concept. The system offers readily available connections to major banking platforms so as to deliver seamless integration and interoperability across departments. Finuevo offers Digital Banking in-a-box ensuring that businesses focus their resources on what is important to them, delivering competitive services and a unique customer journey.

Profile Technologies, the Group’s development hub, is utilising modern technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Robotics Process Automation (RPA), Blockchain, technologies and Augmented Reality. Finuevo is the first of the new developments that the group is aiming to deliver in the coming years having invested in the technology hub that fosters talent and new technologies.

Being true to its vision, the Profile Group is continuing to innovate and develop platforms that successfully and uniquely cover market needs delivering real value to its clients.