Profile Software, a leading financial solutions provider, announced today the release of its new banking platform, Finuevo Suite, which is the evolution in banking by integrating robust and comprehensive Core Banking, Lending and Payments functionality, with modern and frictionless Digital Banking channels!

In particular, Finuevo suite is a cloud-native, smart banking platform that provides composable banking capabilities, with comprehensive functionality, and pre-packaged configurations that guarantee smooth expandability and quick time-to-market.

The all-encompassing Suite includes:

  • “Finuevo Core”, a next generation banking solution, to effectively address the evolving market needs delivering flexibility and versatility, embracing open architecture principles, whilst introducing an exceptional user experience and powerful product factory capabilities. It can be easily packaged and installed, adjusted to each bank’s policies and procedures using its workflow engine offering a modern, efficient, and easy-to-use interface.
  • “Finuevo Digital”, the mobile-first, cloud-native Digital Banking solution that helps banks and financial institutions of any size to achieve digital resilience via competitive user experience and automated new customer onboarding. At the same time, Finuevo Digital provides the agility to facilitate streamlined operations. By taking advantage of innovative omni-channel capabilities, it delivers a digital transformation in action.

With the Finuevo Suite organisations like EMIs, MFIs, Digital Banks, Digital Lenders, as well as Banks are utilising a front-to-back banking platform for their end-to-end operations and customer journeys, while being compliant to all latest regulatory requirements.

The Finuevo Suite platform delivers a unique banking experience to banks and financial institutions that want to differentiate and competitively meet and exceed their customer expectations whilst offering an outstanding level of service to their banking professionals.