Profile Software, an international financial solution provider, announced today the new version of its Treasury platform Acumen.plus, the new major upgraded, STP, real-time cloud-native platform that delivers advanced UX and automation to the modern Treasurer, globally.

Capitalising on international experience across 45 countries, Acumen.plus was developed to be the new Treasury system that empowers users to check and validate mass deals’ imports using real time APIs. It offers functions for bulk uploads, allowing a secure and easy monitoring of the process. Users can inspect and authorise uploaded deals, before actual creation in the system, thus, eliminating errors and ensuring quality of data, crucial in Treasury.

Furthermore, a quick input facility is available for deals such as Money Market, Bond and FX spot deals. When deals are not executed in external trading platforms/systems but agreed non-electronically, Treasurers may still very easily manually input them by entering only the key values in a special command line, thus saving time for more added value activities.

Acumen.plus also delivers flexibility to easily configure screens within the application and mask unused fields. It enables personalisation and allows the user to work on familiar screens used in other applications focusing on the information that is relevant to him/her, while accommodating the Bank’s specific workflows for any deal type.

All analyses can be accessed directly through dashboards and shortcuts can be user-specific. Treasury reporting has been enhanced to offer on-demand charts and dashboards. Template reports and dashboards are available for holistic and real time views of activities in different areas, with a focus on specific tasks or instruments where needed.

Functions can be adapted to accommodate new requirements and new business. Acumen.plus empowers Treasurers to make quicker, more informed decisions by easily and accurately measuring activity, risk and return of different portfolios.

Profile is an innovative provider of Financial solutions continuously investing in developing new products and enriching existing ones to proactively meet and exceed customer requirements and market trends with success.