Athens, 22 December 2022: Profile Software, a leading financial solutions provider, with a continuous and selfless social contribution and a high sense of collective responsibility, strongly supports the ceaseless efforts of the MANA-Together for Life Non-Governmental Organisation in order to make every woman who has suffered from gynecological cancer “dream again” for her rehabilitation and reintegration into society.

The MANA NGO is an innovative non-profitable initiative, based on the personal experience of one of the founding members who has faced breast cancer and defeated it. The Organisation offers free personalised care and support services, based on medical indications that facilitate the recovery and the reconnection of every woman to her normal life before the diagnosis. The reintegration of women to the positive side of life is the key ingredient of the House of MANA. The scientific work and the actions of the Organisation have been placed under the auspices of the Athens Medical Association.

By showing its social dimension and timeless sensitivity, empathy and optimism, Profile Software actively supports women challenged by the disease by offering essential benefits, to facilitate the issues that concern the Organisation including the methods followed for the awareness regarding prevention, early diagnosis of the disease as well as rehabilitation.

The Managing Director of MANA, Dr. Izoldi Chatzigianni, warmly thanked the Management of the company for its kind sponsorship and support, stressing that “such initiatives prove in practice the concept of empathy and encourage us to continue vigorously our effort in order to create an impact to society.

Profile Software considers offering to society as duty and forms a continuous process. In this context, the company constantly enriches its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes, aiming at relieving the vulnerable social groups and  contributing to society for its progress and prosperity.