09.06.2022 Articles

Digital Transformation: How does it become a reality?

Profile Software, a Greek company with a strong international presence, applies Digital Transformation in practice.

With a vigorous journey of 30 years in the Greek market, as well as a strong presence across 45 countries over the four continents, Profile Software develops and exports technology, constituting a strong player in the international market. Listed on the Athens Stock Exchange (ASE) since 2003, it is heading onwards methodically and consistently, as it is evidenced by the successful acquisitions of companies in France in 2017 and in Sweden/Norway in 2021, which concern treasury management and investment management software companies, respectively.

Profile Software invests in the continuous development of technologically advanced solutions for start-ups, traditional banking and financial institutions, investing more than 20% of its revenue in Research & Development (R&D).

The result of this strategy is reflected by the development of products based on the needs of the market.

Ιt is evident that c.90% of the sales revenue comes from own developed proprietary products.  Profile Software ranks amongst the top 20 companies, internationally, that specialise in financial software, delivering complex projects with successful implementations in the world’s largest banks.

At the same time, it utilises the significant expertise and know-how that has acquired from demanding implementations in the most advanced financial centres, such as in London, Stockholm, Oslo, Paris, Tokyo, Dubai, etc., as well as for the implementation of projects in the Greek Public Sector, thus actively participating in the digital reform plans. These are mainly projects that fall under the digitisation of ministries and government entities, such as the most recent electronic board of courtrooms, the portal of the New Social Security Fund TEKA for the Ministry of Labour, the Integrated portal for AADE (Independent Public Revenue Authority), the Integrated Information System of the Renewable Energy Sources for the Ministry of Energy, and the Digitisation of the National Land Registry.

Current status

In the current year, it has launched Finuevo Suite, the new innovative banking platform that facilitates bankers to easily build their own bank. It comprises of Finuevo Digital, for digital banking transformation, and the redesigned Finuevo Core, for full core banking functionalities that has been installed in neobanks and traditional financial institutions, offering unique flexibility, high technology and competitive advantages.

In the last five years, Profile Software has doubled its sales turnover through targeted actions. The development of new solutions for the banking industry have led to new deals of 13 million euros with 23 organisations in 11 countries, as well as to new international awards in the context of industry analyses by specialised companies. Today, Profile Software employs more than 210 professionals, whilst it has launched a major investment of 5 million euros in its technology hub in Thessaloniki, offering new jobs and fostering the local community.