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Key Features

Pillar 1. Complete Risk Assessment

Full coverage of the Basel II / III / IV accord and the EU-CRD Regulations

  • Performs daily RWA calculations for specific portfolios to better supervise regulatory capital
  • Regulatory reporting, including enhanced reporting requirements under Basel III / IV
  • Includes coverage for the latest EU Securitisation Regulations ((EU) 2017/2401 and 2402)

Pillar 2. Decision Support Framework

  • Stress-testing and multi-dimensional what-if analysis
  • Ability to apply sensitivity shocks and scenario analysis through idiosyncratic, systemic or combined approaches
  • Comprehensive concentration risk reporting

Pillar 3. Supervisory Disclosure

  • Comprehensive Pillar 3 reporting as per the Basel Accord
  • Annual review publications and custom management reports


  • Validation and conversion functions for multiple taxonomies


  • Proven Basel project implementation experience
  • Tested ETL tool, risk datamart and MIS reporting
  • Open architecture – customisable calculation and reporting engine
  • Regulatory reporting and compliance
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Single platform solution
  • Auditability and transparency
  • Cost-effective risk management experience

Why RiskAvert?

RiskAvert combines the most comprehensive and flexible functionality with advanced technologically and connectivity-enabling open architecture. Such a combination enables unprecedented power and flexibility to effectively meet the demanding and ever-evolving compliance needs of the financial sector.

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