29.07.2022 Whitepapers

Friday, 29 July 2022 | Pascale Hertzog, Treasury Management Director at Login SA. member of the Profile Group

What are the main concerns of Treasurers today?

Over the past years, Treasury departments have been greatly affected by the continuous changes in regulatory frameworks as well as from socioeconomical parameters. These could range from remote access and automation to Libor changes. Technology plays a pivotal role in best managing such changes as it sets the ground to build the structure that will affect operational and legal sectors. The main objectives are to automate and streamline processes whilst enabling officers to improve their operations and performance.

The main concerns of Treasurers:

  • Market Data Analysis
  • Cashflow Management/Forecasting

Technology and digitalization, cash management and forecasting, real time processing, data analytics in decision making are crucial to the department’s operation.

How are these elements affecting Treasury and what are the elements to overcome such challenges?

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