24.06.2020 Webinars

Webinar | Automation & Covid – How Wealth Managers Have Responded

Thursday 24th June 2021 | 11:00am BST | BrightTalk Platform | WealthMosaic

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the world in which we live, disrupting many of the day-to-day things we have always taken for granted like meeting in person, socialising, shopping and much more. For the wealth management sector, the pandemic has put a stop to a core aspect of the market’s traditional model – face-to-face meetings with clients. However, the effects of Covid-19 and how the industry has had to respond go much further and, specifically, touch upon the need for automation in wealth management. We will learn how financial institutions best deal with the current and future demands, whilst automating and expanding their business and ensuring customer satisfaction.

In this live webinar,

  • Stephen Wall, Co-Founder of The Wealth Mosaic,
  • Chris Fragkos, Business Development Manager, Profile Software, and
  • Ian Woodhouse, Head of Strategy and Change at Orbium – Part of Accenture Wealth Management,

will discuss the level of automation in wealth management and the impact of Covid-19.

With the panel, we will elaborate on the Wealth Management industry’s view of automation, considering what expectations, focus and processes wealth managers had pre-Covid-19 and how the pandemic has changed them (if at all).

Topics included:

  • client communication being 24/7 and via a multitude of different channels,
  • the provision of proactive and personalised advice, commentary and ideas and
  • the role is of technology to achieve automation enabling the adviser.


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