10.11.2022 Case studies

Fiduciam is an institutionally funded short-term marketplace lender. It provides short-term loans secured over real estate in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Sweden, from £250k to £25m. Loan terms range from six months to three years, both in pound sterling and in euros.

Fiduciam, was setup in late 2014 by experienced banking and investment management professionals with an impressive track-record of lending over many years, who wanted to develop an alternative marketplace finance platform that would offer unique and competitive solutions to co-investors. The management team has an unwavering focus on adapting modern technologies to suit the changing needs of today’s investors.

Unlike many other platforms, Fiduciam is entirely focused on institutional investors, such as fund managers, family offices and pension funds.

With this flexible, efficient and competitive approach to lending Fiduciam helps developers, entrepreneurs and a range of small and medium sized businesses to grow and prosper.

The challenge

Embarking on its digitalisation of its front-to-back lending infrastructure, Fiduciam quickly recognised the need to adopt the latest technology and engage with expert consultants to support its on-going expansion.

Fiduciam, with a diverse portfolio of services, specific industry experience and a prospect of a new business dynamics, was looking for a solution that could support the lending and investment needs for their new offering in depth, online, securely, and competitively.

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