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eNewsletter Spring 2021

Finuevo is Profile’s Digital Banking platform that offers a modern banking experience to end-users across all channels. As a cloud-enabled and Mobile-First system, Finuevo can easily be deployed in the cloud, on-premises or as SaaS aiming at delivering the functionality and flexibility to meet the evolving market requirement of the modern banker and his/her customers.

Finuevo has been developed, to address the needs of modern Banks, fintech, EMIs and digitally driven financial institutions that have the end-user service as a priority. The platform can easily meet the evolving trends affecting digital financial organisations. Recent times call for new mindsets so as to deploy more agile operations. Banking organisations of any size, particularly startups that seem to be flourishing, need to use systems that would help them grow as the market changes, without extra cost, and offer the added value to their clients!

What makes Finuevo different? It is the Digital Banking Platform that delivers the banking in a box which allows the Digital teams to focus on what is important while relying on the platform for the fundamentals and beyond.

Moving to the new era of banking, Finuevo ensures that banking professionals concentrate on delivering competitive services whilst offering a unique customer journey. The system streamlines and automates processes thus delivering a differentiated and exceptional experience to the customer.

The Digital Banking platform is based on modern technologies such as those utilised in Profile Technologies, the Group’s development center that aims at fully incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Robotics Process Automation (RPA) and Blockchain, as well as Augmented Reality among others.

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