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Omni-channel Banking Infolettre Automne 2017

As mentioned in the recent Finextra article, “the key challenge for banks and their supporting vendors is not modernising the digital experience (although very important) but thinking about what digital capabilities they could offer to their consumers in the future. These may include:

> Digital Customer Experience - Including On-boarding
> Personalisation and Individualised Experience
> Cross-sell/Up-sell
> Leverage data/Big data
> Emerging Technologies - AI/IoT/Blockchain”

The above capabilities signify that the Digital Banking experience goes beyond simply performing transactions online and delivering a user experience. They promote faster onboarding process, data management and security, products or services for online engagement when log in, alternative channels and quick response to statements, personalised reporting etc.

Technology has evolved to enable financial institutions to utilise the tools needed per case. Investment in new technologies is considered an important asset either developed internally or externally. FinTech providers also pose a threat to the norm of banking. Taking these facts and trends to the next level “it is the sound of inevitability” (Matrix) that characterises the industry across sectors.

Profile has developed award-winning platforms with proven experience in digital banking and fintech solutions to enable firms become more agile and proactively respond to the market evolving needs. See what our clients say on the Digital Banking experience received from us, here!

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