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Wednesday, 1 August 2018 | By: Aris Iliopoulos, Investment Managing Director, Profile Software

Differentiation in delivering advanced customer experience in the Wealth Management industry is becoming of paramount importance, as the offering is niche and the market needs are constantly changing. To effectively address competitive challenges, Wealth Management firms tend to deploy technologies that stipulate the uniqueness and personalisation of their customer service. 

Digitising the customer journey - including the provision of the same ‘look and feel’ across users, while automating processes from onboarding to valuation and rebalancing - can contribute to a transformation that is easy to deploy and can offer great returns to the business. 

In most cases, the front-end systems perform this automation and therefore often receive greater attention. However, equally important is the ability of the back-end system to analyse and process information fast and accurately so as to complete complex or demanding operations with ease. By combining a user-friendly, customisable and personalised front-end with a robust back-end, firms usually accomplish better customer fulfillment as the information is instantly updated without the need for any manual processing to ensure validation of data. Depending on the policies in place, firms can also achieve easy compliance with regulatory changes (GDPR, MiFID II, etc.).

A key driver according to Capgemini’s Top 10 Trends in Wealth Management 2018 is that customer experience revolves around simplifying key touch points, creating intuitive and easy-to-use features within complex investment management tools and offering seamless omni-channel portfolio management capabilities. 

 *The article is published on bobsguide (01.08.2018). Trademarks are property of the respective owner.


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