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Key Features

  • Multi-entity design, accommodating international operational models and local business processes
  • Full support for a wide set of instruments such as equities, bonds, funds, ETFs, term deposits, FX, derivatives, swaps, precious metals, real estate and private equities
  • Powerful, multi-currency management and reporting
  • Multi-dimensional monitoring of performance, profitability and risk
  • Dynamic transaction toolkit, providing easy customisation and adaptability
  • Customer-centric philosophy with complete KYC and CRM tools compliant with local regulations
  • Automated workflow environment, contributing significantly to paperless operations, rapid information exchange and a 360° view of all system entities
  • Provision to serve clients over branches, call centers, the web and mobile devices
  • MiFID II, GDPR Compliant


  • Cost reduction and profitability margins optimisation
  • Close monitoring of all Investment Management operations and improved risk control
  • Empowerment of sales and fast new product launches across multiple domains and borders
  • Tailored services per client segment ensuring improved customer experience
  • Gradual deployment options for fast, low cost and risk-free projects
  • Rich functionality and state-of-the-art architecture securing scalability to meet any business change
  • Technology- and vendor-independent integration capability
  • Fast Return on Investment

"Clients experience a personalised approach on their wealth management service, under a secure environment with strict systemic checks and proactive risk controls"

International Private Banking Organisation

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