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Key Features

  • Covers an extensive range of Banking products
  • Supports complete, end-to-end, online and real-time operations 
  • Deployed either in total or as stand-alone vertical solution
  • Accommodates internal policies and compliance through parametric workflows
  • Delivers process automation and streamlining, to minimise user interaction and maximise productivity 
  • Allows to build new products quickly with the easy-to-use Product Factory functionality
  • Includes customisable functionality to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership
  • Gives instant access to information and actions
  • Incorporates voice-activated commands, user alerts, chat facilities, etc
  • Uses the latest proven technology effectively supporting future trends
  • Provides an open API layer to expose core functionality, PSD2 compliance, and Open Banking support.


  • Unique user experience, through a personalised, modern Web environment
  • Fast, secure and easy access via any browser on any operating system
  • Superior customer service delivery
  • Productivity improvements across all functions
  • Significant cost-efficiency through highly automated operations 
  • Flexibility without prohibitive costs, ensures easier and faster growth
  • Operational reliability, accommodating an unlimited number of users as well as multiple currencies and languages.

"The robust architecture of provided a smooth integration to the Bank’s environment, while its modular and technologically advanced platform ensured a cost-effective implementation in terms of hardware and software requirements."

International UK-based Bank

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