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Loan OriginationeNewsletter Autumn 2019

Studies show that digital transformation can be faster achieved in the lending space. Large banks and fintech firms are keener to modernise their online lending platforms. This comes as a result of a closer relationship with end consumers (corporate or retail). Therefore, financial institutions of any size invest in evolving their services so that their customers feel valued and experience process automation. Automating, for example, the onboarding or application processing can add value to users’ perception.

The automation of Loan Management operations is applicable in many industries and of course can be delivered to banks with an automated or hybrid approach to process the applications, with the least effort from the end-user. The system can provide credit risk assessment thus safeguarding the business and qualifying the applicant for a loan, sending notification alerts to respective parties, etc.

Such automation can save significant time for business users whilst offering the ability to end customers to select and upload files themselves, therefore, giving instant access to data for the bank user. In a hybrid model, automation works in conjunction with the human element for approval, for example. This could be at the discretion of the institution as onboarding and loan processing can easily be streamlined through a specified workflow.

Profile’s Loan Origination solution can automate the full life cycle of credit facilities from the application setup to evaluation and approval for agile operations. Its embedded scoring engine allows for the modelling of any credit scoring algorithm while the powerful workflow engine supports the administration and monitoring of complex credit origination processes.

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