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Modern banking systems offer the essential tools for retail banking or wholesale banking, providing the Bank with a competitive advantage and a secure operational environment.

Core Banking software, by Profile, incorporates the entire spectrum of Banking operations on one single platform, Front-to-Back, making it a complete Core Banking Management software package. The solution ensures high levels of automation, risk-free deployment, full STP workflow coverage, ease of use, low-cost operation and full cross bank account management.

Key Features

Counterparty-centric architecture

Powerful KYC-related mechanisms for proactive risk control

360° customer view for successful relationship monitoring and management

Flexible product factory allowing extensive customisation to meet centrally set Bank policies

Personalisation tools for all facilities for customers

Horizontally and vertically scalable; deployment expands along with the Bank’s needs

International product: regulatory independence through high levels of parameterisation

Easily defined workflows to support STP or company-based flows for Front-to-Back office operations


Flexibility and scalability to accommodate future requirements

Client-centric to provide competitive customer service

Informed decision making and credit evaluation through its powerful compliance capabilities

Fast introduction of new products and services

Secure and reliable performance

Why choose the Core Banking solution by Profile Software?

The Core Banking system utilises a highly modular component-based architecture that allows its modules to be implemented either as stand-alone vertical solutions or to be gradually deployed, maximising the Bank’s Return-On-Investment. With rich functionality, the Core Banking software is the essential tool for Banks to proactively meet the market’s ever-evolving demands.