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Key Features

Advanced & modern Investment Management Software

  • A configurable dashboard for each user role
  • Client management (client onboarding, CRM, document management, compliance management)
  • Order & transaction processing
  • Position keeping, evaluation, cost calculations
  • Asset allocation, profitability, performance and risk analyses
  • Internally & externally managed assets
  • Consolidated client and management reporting
  • Fees management
  • Automated integration with custodian banks and market data feeds
  • Multi-tenant capabilities
  • Financial Planning
  • Multi-lingual, multi-entity, multi-currency capabilities
  • Common user experience across all channels and personalisation
  • Advanced security 
  • Compliance with international and local regulatory requirements
  • Cloud-based platform for agile operations

  • Robo-Advice capability offering full automation
  • Powerful Digital Client Portal
  • Automated Client Onboarding


  • First class, enterprise-wide solution meeting diverse needs
  • Unparalleled client service experience
  • All the functionality needed on a single, fully integrated platform
  • Saves time on limited and valuable resources by streamlining processes
  • Automated integration with custodian and market providers
  • Unique flexibility (from the configuration to deployment, to pricing options)
  • Proactiveness to market needs by delivering new products fast
  • Always available from anywhere at any time
  • Complete automation throughout


Relevant Articles

Why Axia?

Axia Suite offers investment professionals and their clients 24/7 access to their most precious information from anywhere. Following international best business practices, Axia has an advanced design that enables Wealth Managers and their clients to access appropriately authorised data and documents using either mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets or desktop computers, whenever and wherever needed.

Modular solution approach

Axia Suite may be deployed according to the institution's specific needs. It is a comprehensive investment management platform and considered among the best wealth management solutions in the marketplace. It can cover all functions with easy set-up and deployment options to enable the institution to develop along with market trends. It covers functions from automated client onboarding, financial planning to advanced portfolio management, rebalancing and risk metrics.

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