Profile Software announces the completion of the projects regarding the web portal teka.gov.gr and the online app myTEKA, designed for the new  Hellenic Auxiliary Pensions Defined Contributions Fund, offering instant digital information to the insureds.

Athens, 23 November 2022: Profile Software, a leading financial solutions provider, has announced today the implementation of the web portal teka.gov.gr project, designed for the new Hellenic Auxiliary Pensions Defined Contributions Fund (TEKA) as well as that of the myΤΕΚΑ online app, which redefines the standards in the way citizens are informed about the progress of their investment portfolio.

The development of the digital portal teka.gov.gr constitutes the central hub of the insureds for all the issues that concern the Fund. The information provided to the citizens includes a brief presentation of the Fund, clarifications on compulsory or optional admission to TEKA, contributions and benefits of the insureds, detailed information on the account, investments and assurance on an individual basis as well as frequently asked questions for employers and new insureds (salaried and non-salaried persons).

In addition, the portal provides electronic services and useful guides for the digital implementation of specific actions, such as checking employee admission to the Hellenic Auxiliary Pensions Defined Contributions Fund (TEKA), electronic submission of Analytical Periodic Reports (ΑΠΔ), employer’s financial record, and transfer of contributions from e-EFKA to ΤΕΚΑ. The electronic library service is also provided, which includes information about the Laws and Ministerial Decisions, Circulars and general documents as well as actuarial, macroeconomic impact and sustainability studies of Public debt.

At the same time, Profile Software has implemented the myΤΕΚΑ online app project, which has become fully operational. MyΤΕΚΑ is the informational electronic platform of ΤΕΚΑ, which allows insured persons to have direct access to their individual account, monitoring the record of their contributions (paid by themselves and/or their employer) as well as the investment returns, through their PC, tablet or mobile phone. Among the advanced features of the app are the detailed presentation of the investment allocation regarding the disbursed insurance amount and graphical representations of important data per insured individual and in total.

The new myΤΕΚΑ app is addressed to all insured persons of the Fund and interacts with the corresponding EFKA and IDIKA web portals for the collection of the required data. It is expected to fall under the teka.gov.gr web portal, enriching, gradually, the information provided and its functionality in general.

Mr. Adrianos Drougkas, Business Unit Director of Profile Software, says that “Greece is growing by making leaps and bounds in the digitisation of its services, and the youth auxiliary insurance could not be an exception. Profile Software is innovating by implementing the projects for ΤΕΚΑ and significantly contributing to the future of insurance, which is digital as well as to the general digital reform of the Public sector.”

Profile Software contributes significantly to the effort of modernising the Public sector of the country, by offering modern digital solutions of added value and constantly expanding the provision and use of new technologies through complex software projects.


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