PROFILE SYSTEMS & SOFTWARE S,A, (the “Company”) in accordance with article of the Athens Stock Exchange (ATHEX) Regulation, announces the following :

The Annual Regular General Meeting of the Shareholders of the Company, held on May 31th,  2024, decided , among others matters, to distribute a dividend of a total amount of 1.200.000,00 euros  i.e. 0,0488073795 euros per share (gross amount).

Given that 87.000 own shares are held at ex-dividend date are not eligible   for receiving dividend, the total amount of the dividend per share that will be paid out, will be increased by the amount of the dividend corresponding to the above number of own shares, therefore the final dividend gross amount that will be paid out stands at 0,0489806994 euros per share.

The dividend is subject to a 5% dividend tax, in accordance with the applicable tax law 4172/2013, article 40 par 1 and article 64 par 1,  (with the exception of  shareholders falling under special tax provisions). Following the mandatory tax deduction the net payable dividend per share will be 0,0465316644 euros

The ex-date has been set to June 4th, 2024 and the payment of the dividend to the beneficiaries shall commence on June 11th, 2024. The beneficiaries of the dividend are the shareholders registered in the records of the Dematerialised Securities System (DSS) of the “Hellenic Central Securities Depository” on June 5th, 2024 (record date).

Payment of the dividend shall be made by the bank “National Bank of Greece”, as follows:


  1. Through the operators of the beneficiaries in the DSS (Banks and Brokerage Firms), in accordance with the Rulebook of the Hellenic Securities Depository.
  2. Especially in cases of dividend payment to heirs of deceased beneficiaries, whose securities are kept in the Special Account of their Share in the DSS under the management of ATHEXCSD, dividend payment process will be carried out after the completion of the legalization of heirs, through ” National Bank of Greece” branch network for five (5) years from the end of this year (until December 31st, 2028).


Dividends which will not be collected within five (5) years from the end of this year, namely until December 31st, 2029, will be written off and transferred to the Greek State.

For additional clarifications or information, please contact the Company’s Investor Relations Department (Tel.: 210-9301200).