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As a software company, in view of the precautionary measures needed to avoid the spread of Coronavirus, Profile was one of the first to deploy all tools needed to maintain its business continuity considering both the team's utmost safety as well as the continuous support of its clients.

Profile’s solutions are built on the latest technology offering innovative capabilities to banks and financial institutions so as to cope with situations that require fast and remote access to information, adjustment on customer service (offline vs online), security tools that allow for 24/7 access, onboarding and interconnections using cloud-based, AI and digital technology delivering superior client experience and communication.

Remote access for both bank’s customers and financial institutions is crucial. This could range from opening accounts online, onboarding automation for both investors and consumers, P2P rise to instant contactless payments and loans, and online banking services.



Investment Management Treasury Management Risk Management

Integrated Banking systems, built on modern technology, are inevitably the way to support Digital Banking


Banking systems supporting all operations on a single platform and built on the latest proven technology is the way to ensure business continuity and retain customer satisfaction for Banks, especially at times of crisis., the award-winning and market-proven banking software delivers the required agility and efficiency whether you are a digital bank, an established bank, a FinTech firm or a start-up.

Utilising Microsoft Azure technology, offers rich functionality to the Banking and FinTech industry over a cost-efficient cloud infrastructure.

By having a number of successful implementations, constantly enhancing user experience (UX) and adding new functionality, in the cloud allows financial institutions to benefit from the wide banking functions without the burden of an on-premises installation. The flexibility of a cloud deployment offers huge advantages to organisations that gain from an on-demand infrastructure, suited to their needs, at any time.

Profile's is a ready-to-use award-winning and market-tested banking software that provides an innovative and competitive approach especially in turbulent times that require speed and proactiveness to secure and online business environment.

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 Wealth Managers need to re-think their strategic approach going Digital and Hybrid with Robo

The investment management industry has also been greatly affected with the outbreak of coronavirus, however firms that utilise automated platform, modern systems and powerful analytics can remain profitable using their resources effectively. 
Axia is a long-established award-winning investment management platform with secure mobile and online access to both professionals and their clients. 


Going Digital in your Treasury Operations has never been easier to do

Acumennet eFX is uniquely designed to support banks’ agents, branches, digital channels and clients accessing and managing their Foreign Exchange Risk quickly and effectively. 
Acumennet, Profile’s Group strategic Treasury Management platform, has been enriched with a powerful client-centric solution to help both Treasurers and their clients manage risk and integrate with existing Banking platforms, better coping with pandemic remote and digital requirements. Acumennet eFX can be deployed as stand-alone or as part of the award-winning Treasury platform Acumennet whilst can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud. The user benefits from having all functionality needed on a single platform with a single infrastructure offering responsive UI enabling omni-device access, API enabled connectivity using cutting-edge technology.


 Cloud Risk Management Solution

Always stay updated with the latest regulation still developing and in constant changes! 
RiskAvert has the flexibility to accommodate requirements of stage 1 set for June 2021, concerning eligibility of loans credit risk exposure frameworks, to name one of many, supporting CRRII & Basel V.

Key features:



For 30 years, Profile Software has been developing and providing innovative turnkey technology solutions that enable Financial Institutions and Corporates globally to drive their digital transformation. This need has never been so great as it is today. Contact us now to see how we can help your business adapt and continue to grow during these challenging times.

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Integrated Banking systems

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