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Profile Software, an international financial solutions provider, announced today the release of its enhanced Core Bankingplatform that incorporates a wealth of new functionality for Collections, Debt Management, Loan Origination and Management as well as Alternative finance for Digital Banks.

With a number of successful international implementations in the traditional and digital banking area, has been enriched to further accelerate financial services organisations’ ability to market new products fast. includes banking-specific solutions developed based on latest technology and business standards. It enables banks and financial organisations to deploy modern business tools so as to timely and proactively respond to market needs and advance their customers’ experience at all levels. comes with a powerful Collections and Debt Recovery Management solution that automates the specific operations. It has been successfully utilised in various banking organisations while it can easily manage the processes of other lending providers for end-to-end Debt Management. The solution offers a facilities integrator module that allows for seamless integration with third party systems for credit lines, collaterals; a policy and operations management module for easy and constant adaptation to complex and evolving environments as well as a decision support mechanism with business intelligence tools to facilitate debt planning. Based on each financial organisation’s specific Collections and Loan Management policies and customer profile it enables financial institutions to develop targeted and customer oriented strategies. through its flexible and modular architecture enables future enrichments as the market develops. This allows for improved automation and facilitation of processes, advanced risk management assessment and compliance while the ready to use interfaces boost faster integration. The rule based workflow engine has been further enriched to cover not only quantitative but also qualitative analysis of the client. Additionally, it has been enhanced with task queueing mechanism to provide and assign the daily user task lists.

The platform has also been selected by international branchless banking organisations deploying modern technologies that offer easy communication with clients using all available channels thus improving their service levels. In addition, the platform has been the preferred choice of alternative finance institutions that desire a banking-like environment with advanced capabilities to manage lending and investment related operations, as well as risk management functionality to safeguard the business and the lender.

Profile Software strategically invests in its banking platform to enhance with value-added features to effectively address current and future market requirements internationally while incorporating modern tools to increase performance and customer service.

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