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Profile Software, an international financial solution vendor, announced today the launch of the upgraded version of Mobius Platform, its innovative, mobile investment management application which can be integrated with any back-end investment management system, offering a best-of-breed approach that adds real value to Investment Officers and their clients. The Mobius platform has already been selected and successfully implemented in Financial Services Organisations in Europe, including a Swiss-based Bank.

Mobius compiles data from any back-end system (investment management, wealth management, market data vendor, trading platform, etc.) into a comprehensive and elegant presentation layer for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) – (iOS Universal application and Android).  Leveraging the Profile Software Mobility platform, Mobius can operate either in an online or previous end-of-day update mode. Therefore financial services organizations can utilise their existing infrastructure with quick time-to-market, extreme flexibility, and minimal investment cost.

The upgraded version of the Platform fully interacts with any Investment Management system delivering a reliable and personalised digital experience of real-time Portfolio Management & Advisory Tools, a new Dashboard, Portfolio Holdings and Analytics, Monitoring, Market Watch-list, Trading, Document Distribution and Management, as well as Notifications. The mobile application effectively meets country specific regulations, provide a truly personalised client approach and communication channel while offering the option to be branded with the firm’s own logos (white-labelled).

The use of mobile apps empowers firms to increase their Investment Officers’ productivity by allowing their clients and executives to get updated and monitor markets, portfolios and analytics, using their mobile devices.

The architecture follows the highest security standards (including geo-fencing and lock-on-shake, among others), allows easy customisation, and ensures availability of information anywhere at any time. The available flexible pricing models are designed to meet the business requirements and expansion needs of investment management firms of any size based on usage and number of users.

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