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Profile Software, a specialised solutions provider, announced today its participation as a silver sponsor in the 37th Annual Interferry Conference, taking place between 21-24 October in the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Dubai, UAE.

At the Interferry conference, C-level executives of the shipping industry gather once a year to exchange views on the sector’s development. Delegates visiting Profile Software will be informed about its latest enhancement of the UTS TicketLink platform, the choice-enabling ferry booking and ticketing solution, as well as the range of its solutions in Investment management. Profile Software’s IMSplus Investment management platform enables Shipping companies to easily and accurately monitor their invested assets and evaluate their performance.

In this year’s conference, sponsored by the Roads & Transport Authority of the Emirate of Dubai, the trade association’s members will focus on global ferry development. Over 300 delegates, most of which are C-Level executives of maritime companies from all 6 continents, will have a chance to exchange ideas and views on key industry topics according to the event’s rich agenda.

Information technology issues will be an integral part of the conference’s proceedings. As Profile Software provides the ferry industry with booking & ticketing solutions since 1990, all of its accumulated business know-how has been distilled in the latest version of UTS TicketLink. Among many significant advancements included in this release, Profile Software’s most competitive and choice-enabling features are to be found in UTS TicketLink’s product pricing and inventory management engines.

Profile Software’s proprietary Best Available Rate algorithm guarantees that operators will always offer their most competitive rate for the total cost of all products requested in a booking. Operators are often forced to introduce conditional offers depending on the types of products (cabin, seat or vehicles types) or other prerequisites (advance purchases, instant payments, etc.). In UTS TicketLink, these offers can be easily deployed and instantly applied, without the travellers or sales agents needed to be alerted of them. Moreover, the pricing module instantly presents cross- or up-selling opportunities that maximise the yield, given the physical capacity, commercial availability or product nesting policies in effect, at the time of booking. This empowers the Commercial Director to effortlessly design and instantly implement a more responsive product bundling or pricing policy to competitive moves.

Moreover, ferry operators must remain in control of their channels at all times, to successfully enforce an effective commercial policy. UTS TicketLink employs a robust inventory management engine, capable of supporting nested allotments with sub-allotments, for different kinds of booking types, such as individual, freight, group or specially negotiated contracts (with specific capacity and pricing provisions). Automatic release periods can finally guarantee that no unsold capacity will remain assigned to specific allotments: the system will automatically release it to first-come-first-serve basis, as many hours prior to departure as the operator has instructed the system to.

Profile Software firmly believes that each ferry operator has unique needs that follow a unique product or service offering. This ability to successfully differentiate is of paramount importance in today’s ultra-competitive seas. A booking and ticketing system should, above all, enable these choices for them.

Visit us at Interferry 2012, booth IF 15, to discuss how UTS TicketLink can really give you this edge!

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