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Monday, 23 March 2015 | By: Marketing Team

As it is widely perceived, the result of any crisis, creates an opportunity for new business models to rise. This seems to be the alternative finance concepts that has burgeoned as a result of the difficulty of getting funded via traditional financial services channels, something like a ‘phoenix’ rising from the ashes of tight financial models.

Alternative finance and funding models such as crowdfunding, online marketplace, crowdinvesting and crowdlending are gaining an exponential growth each year across the world.

Only in the UK there are 65 crowdfunding platforms (2014: University of Cambridge & EY research paper: Moving mainstream), in Switzerland this is growing with 14 active platforms, 12 registered in the country (2013: crowdfunding monitoring Switzerland 2014: Lucerne University of Applied Science and Arts Hochshule Luzern and Swisscom). The sector is growing with 144% rate annually and 2.9mn of transactions (for 2014).

Of course this figures are expected to triple in 2015. As this is a growing sector, it also receives the attention of regulatory authorities such as FCA in the UK, having published a comprehensive document of standards protecting lenders, borrowers and platforms. EBA has only recently attended the topic from the lending-based crowdfunding or p2p/p2b perspective.

As the safeguarding parameters to be set are crucial in a landscape where monies are exchanged in return of monetary rewards, these regulatory opinions do not concern donation-based crowdfunding platforms but rather the p2p/crowdlending/investing landscape providing its opinion and recommendations with a view to promoting the safety and soundness of markets and convergence in regulatory practice.


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