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Friday, 6 April 2018 | By: Kostas Kotsiopoulos, Chief Commercial Officer, Profile Software

Addressing the needs of financial institutions

Banks and financial institutions have ever more onerous requirements to follow regulatory guidelines, provide sophisticated client-focused services, make their operations more agile and digitally-focused, to become more competitive and profitable entities with easy-to-deliver new product offerings. 

Kotsiopoulos explains that the company and its products have been highlighted in industry-leading research and reports by the likes of Gartner, Celent, IBS, Forrester and others. “In many cases,” he explained, “we distinguish ourselves in terms of functionality and client service, often ranking in top positions.”

Novel solutions for evolving needs

The investment management industry goes through various stages  of change to meet the requirements of institutional and private investors for fast, accurate and transparent monitoring, as well as compliance to the more demanding global regulatory regime. 

“We deliver to the full spectrum of operations,” Kotsiopoulos explained. “This is evident from client’s testimonials underscoring our ability to understand client needs and then provide the functionality needed via our market-tested platforms. We like the company to be viewed by our clients as their trusted partner to help them address their IT concerns and to help them overcome crucial operational challenges through innovative solutions and technology.”

Profile’s specific focus on investment management and banking solutions spreads in a wide-angle coverage to vertical solutions to meet the requirements of custody banks, digital banks as well as insurance firms, asset management firms, etc.   

Looking ahead, Kotsiopoulos says the firm’s strategy is to provide innovative and client-centric solutions covering all mission-critical aspects of a financial institution’s operations with tools that enhance user experience and promote the firm’s competitive advantage. 

* This article was published on (06.04.18)


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