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Infolettre Hiver 2017

Undoubtedly, digitisation has fundamentally revolutionised the overall banking and financial landscape, creating new business models that provide revenue streams and economic growth opportunities. As mentioned on the Digital Business Global Executive Study of Deloitte90% of financial services executives strongly agree that digital technologies are disrupting the industry to great or moderate extend”.

During this transformation journey, banking institutions realise that in order to remain competitive and to thrive in the digital world it is important to redesign their infrastructure and fully incorporate web and mobile capabilities within their operations. Thus, more and more banks invest on the emerging digital technologies and focus on delivering innovative services. This allows them to not only make their offering more appealing, instantly accessible and personalised for their customers, but at the same time it offers process automation and streamlining, improved regulatory compliance, better control and risk monitoring, at lower administration and operational costs. Digital banking is the functional area that satisfies these needs, making banks more agile in meeting the ever evolving customers’ expectations for instant, personalised services.

By investing in its platforms and being among the pioneering FinTech providers, Profile Software delivers flexible banking solutions that provide Digital Banking functionalities (ranging for branchless operations to alternative finance) on a single platform. Through its modular and open architecture the solutions allow for automation and facilitation of processes, advanced risk management assessment and compliance, while the ready to use interfaces boost faster integration. The platform has also been selected by international banking organisations to offer more efficient client communication and service levels. 

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