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Advanced wealth management and financial planningAxia’s new version is available with exciting new features for online trading and financial planning. In particular, Axia’s enriched trading functions allow both professional investors and their clients to trade online in various markets and asset classes, through multiple channels like their desktop or laptop computer, their tablet, or even their smartphones. Users can enter, amend or cancel orders, monitor their status, view partial or full executions and the relevant trades using a blotter.

Initiation of an order is facilitated by a smart symbol search capability, watchlists and through a view of the tradeable part of a client’s existing portfolio. Selected symbols are shown with full static data, market statistics, news, market depth, various charting options and technical analysis indicators, depending on the available market data feed.

Axia’s new financial planning functionality enables a financial advisor to collect information about a financial situation of a prospect or a client, including the client’s assets, liabilities, expected income and expenses, current investments, loans, pensions as well as goals for the future. The module’s calculator determines the feasibility of goals set and proposes an appropriate course of action to overcome any shortfalls, for example investment of available funds, or financing. Other output includes a comprehensive analysis of all generated cashflows, and an analysis of accumulated wealth, presented with detailed data grids and charts.

Financial planning may be incorporated into any user-defined advisory workflows to form a comprehensive and streamlined advisory process that typically commences with the collection of static data about the prospect or client, continues with compliance questionnaires (e.g. KYC, MiFID), financial planning and ends with the formulation of an action plan and appropriate investment proposals.

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