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IMSplus has been enhanced in a number of areas to cover more regional-specific requirements always adhering to international standards. Among those new developments are extensions to the trading workflows, new compliance tools and regulatory reporting, to name a few.

Trading workflows offer advanced setup and management tools to improve the processes from order entry to transaction posting, settlement and accounting. IMSplus fully supports definition of different flows per product type and counterparty for bulk and single orders, online monitoring of trade status, transactions update and settlement instructions posting to multiple custodians either through standard (SWIFT/FIX) or other proprietary formats. New enhancements have been applied to support and automate management and accounting implications related with partially and failed settlements.

Compliance tools and regulatory reporting entails enhancements of the available set of limits managed and monitored by the system and extension to onboarding and report building tool to provide even greater flexibility to quickly address regulatory requirements such as CRS (AEoI). The system, operating in a number of countries, already supports multiple regional and country-specific regulatory requirements, improving internal compliance processes and automating the periodic submission of required reports to authorities.

Being a highly preferred platform for investment management, it is being continuously enriched with new features to enable users to meet specific business requirements as well as country specific compliance needs all over the globe.

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